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HTML5-CSS3 - Session II

Session Outline:

  • Chapter 2 - How to Code, Test and Validate a web page
  • Chapter 3 - How to Use HTML to Structure a Web Page

Class Presentations

Session, Chapter Presentation, Examples Zip, and Solution Set Zip
Session Chapter PowerPoint Presentation Exercise Files Solution Set Files
Session II Chapters 2 & 3 Chapter 3 Exercise Files
Chapter 3
II Setting Up Development Environment

You can download the PowerPoint presentation and chapter exercises.

Student Exercise

Student Exercise 1

  • Chapter 3 - Exercise 3-1
  • 1. Complete Chapter 3 - Exercise 3-1, Page 120 using Dreamweaver.
  • 2. Download Chapter 3 exercise zip file to desktop. Unzip files and folders and place in Session I - IV local development folder.
  • 3. Students will upload local development site to testing development site.
  • 4. Students will preview in browser development files.
  • 5. Students will upload development site to live site.
  • 6. Students will preview in browser live files.

Additional Support Exercises

LinkedIn Exercises

LinkedIn HTML5 & CSS3 Session II Exercises
Session Chapter Level Course
II 2 Beginner HTML5: Document Editing

Additional LinkedIn Beginner Exercises

LinkedIn HTML5 & CSS3 Beginner Exercises
Session Chapter Level Course
Beginner Learning Web Semantics
Beginner Web Development Foundations: Web Technologies
Beginner Coding Faster with Emmet
Beginner CSS Layouts: From Float to Flexbox and Grid
Beginner CSS: Frameworks & Grids

w3School Exercises

SoloLearn Exercises

Advanced and Master LinkedIn Exercises

LinkedIn HTML5 & CSS3 Advanced and Master Exercises
Session Chapter Level Course
II 3 Advanced HTML: Structured Data
Advanced Learning Web Components
Advanced Advanced HTML5 Game Development
Advanced Creating an Advanced Responsive Presentation in HTML5
Advanced Creating an HTML Email Newsletter
Advanced Creating an HTML5 Banner Ad with GreenSock (GSAP)
Advanced Creating HTML Layouts with InDesign
Advanced Creating Interactive Charts with HTML5
Advanced Creating Photo Card Titles with HTML5
Advanced Creating Surveys with HTML5
Advanced HTML for Educators
Advanced Building a Responsive Single-Page Design with PostCSS
Advanced CSS: Visual Optimization
Advanced CSS Shorts
Advanced CSS: Advanced Layouts with Grid
Advanced CSS: Advanced Typographic Techniques
Advanced CSS: Refactoring Style Sheets
Advanced CSS: Selectors
Advanced CSS: Styling Navigation
Advanced Design the Web: CSS-Controlled SVG with PHP
Advanced Design the Web: Getting CSS from Photoshop
Advanced Design the Web: Graphics and CSS Pseudo-Elements
Advanced Design the Web: Pie Charts with CSS
Advanced Design the Web: Responsive SVG Images
Advanced EPUB: CSS
Advanced React: Building Styles with CSS Modules
Master Delivering Video in Web Experiences
Master HTML5 Game Development with Phaser
Master HTML5: Geolocation
Master Learning HTML Canvas
Master Practical HTML for Marketing Projects
Master CSS to Sass: Converting an Existing Site
Master CSS: Animation
Master CSS: Design Systems and Architectures
Master CSS: Enhancing Website Graphics
Master CSS: Formatting Visual Data
Master Design the Web: Using Counters and Resets in CSS
Master Interactive Animations with CSS and JavaScript
Master Next Generation CSS Design with PostCSS and CSSNext

Session II Support Links

General Computer Files & Windows Skills

Keyboard Shorcuts

General Web Development Links

Wireframe Design Apps

Free Cloud Based


Free Web Design IDEs

Free Web Development IDEs

Downloadable DesktopWeb Development Apps

Cloud Based Web Development

Cloud-Based Web Development Sites

Online Website Builder Sites

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

CSS Links

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CSS Tools

jQuery Links

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Slideshows, Carousels, Graphic Plugins & Components

Calendar & Datepicker jQuery Plugins

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WSDL, SOAP, REST, & ODATA Introduction and Resources

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