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JavaScript-jQuery - Session VI

Session Outline:

  • Chapter 9 – Effects and Animations

Class Presentations

Session, Chapter Presentation, Examples Zip, and Solution Set Zip
Session Chapter PowerPoint Presentation Exercise Files Solution Set Files
VI Chapter 9 – Effects and Animations

In-Class Exercises

Student Exercise 1

  • 1. Complete Chapter 9 - Exercise 9-1, 9-2 and 9-3 on Page 286 using Dreamweaver.
  • 2. Download Chapter 9 exercise zip file to your desktop.
  • 3. Unzip Chapter 9 exercise zip files and folders into your local development Chapter 9 folder.
  • 4. Students will upload test files to development site.
  • 5. Students will preview in browser development files.
  • 6. Students will upload files to live site.
  • 7. Students will preview in browser live files.

Additional Support Exercises

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Session Chapter Level Course
Beginner JavaScript: Patterns
Beginner jQuery: Building an Interface

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