ITI 389 HTML5 - Session IV

Session Outline:

  • Chapter 15 - How to work with Fonts and Printing

Class Presentations

Session, Chapter Presentation, Examples Zip, and Solution Set Zip
Session Chapter PowerPoint Presentation Exercise Files Solution Set Files
IV Session IV Chapter 15
Chapter 15

You can download the PowerPoint presentation and chapter exercises.

Student Exercise

Student Exercise 1 - How to work with Fonts and Printing

  • 1. Complete Exercise 15-1 and 15-2 on page 547 using Dreamweaver.
  • 2. Download Chapter 15 exercise zip file to desktop. Unzip files and folders and place in Session 4 local development folder.
  • 3. Students will upload local development site to testing development site.
  • 4. Students will preview in browser development files.
  • 5. Students will upload development site to live site.
  • 6. Students will preview in browser live files.

Session 4 Support Links

MC Web Certification Website: ITI 389 HTML5: Summer 2019 CRN:45294

General Computer Files & Windows Skills

Keyboard Shorcuts

General Web Development Links

Wireframe Design Apps

Free Cloud Based


Free Web Design IDEs

Free Web Development IDEs

Downloadable DesktopWeb Development Apps

Cloud Based Web Development

Cloud-Based Web Development Sites

Online Website Builder Sites

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

CSS Links

CSS Minifiers

CSS Precompilers

CSS Postprocessors

CSS Tools

jQuery Links

jQuery Forms

Slideshows, Carousels, Graphic Plugins & Components

Calendar & Datepicker jQuery Plugins

JavaScript Minifiers

RWD Testing Emulators

Browser Plugin Apps

Imaging Programs

WSDL, SOAP, REST, & ODATA Introduction and Resources

Chapter Presentation, Zip, and Solution Set Files
Session Chapter Presentation Exercise Zip File Solution Set Zip File
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Setting Up Development Environment
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Chapter 3
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IV Session IV Chapter 15
Chapter 15