ITI 091 MS Excel 2013 Level II

Course Outline:

This course builds on the skills and concepts taught in Excel 2013—Level I. Learn how to create and use multiple worksheets and workbooks efficiently, and start working with more advanced formatting options including styles, and themes. Create outlines and subtotals, create and apply cell names, and work with tables. Learn how to save workbooks as Web pages, insert and edit hyperlinks, and to share workbooks by email. This course also covers auditing and protection. This course follows the curriculum for the Microsoft Office Specialist core-level for Excel 2013 (exam 77-420) and the Microsoft Office Specialist Expert for Excel 2013 (exams 77-427 & 428). For comprehensive certification training, students should complete MS Excel—Levels I, II, and III.


Working with Windows. MS Excel-Level I or equivalent experience.

Required Textbook & Materials

  • Title:   MICROSOFT EXCEL 2013:LEVEL 2 OF 3
  • Author:   Eric A. Weinstein
  • ISBN-13:   978-1-59136-492-4
  • Publisher:   Labyrinth Books


Please bring a Flash Drive/Memory Stick 512MB or larger to class which will enable you to save your class work.

Meeting Information:

  • Days:   Wednesday & Thursday
  • Dates:   6/17/2015 - 6/18/2015
  • Number of Sessions:   2
  • Time:   9:00 AM - 03:30 PM
  • Location:   GBTC - 408
  • Lesson Plan:

    Session I

    • •  Course Overview Presentation
    • •  Lesson 7 - Formatting Cell Contents and Advanced Skills
    • •  Lesson 8 - Managing Multiple-Sheet Workbooks
    • •  Lesson 9 - Applying Advanced Functions and Data Analysis

    Session II

    • •  Lesson 10 - Creating Table and Outlines
    • •  Lesson 11 - Utilizing Graphics and Templates

    In-Class Material: