CMP 868 Creating Your Personal and Small Business Web Sites - Session I


Session Outline:

  • Course Overview Presentation
  • The Basics
    • The Web Design Challenge
    • Planning Your Website
    • Creating Effective Content

Class Presentations

Presentatons for Session I
Session Name PowerPoint Presentation
1 Course Introduction
1 Session Presentation
1 RWD_Website_Planning_Worksheet
1 RWD_Website_Planning_Worksheet

Student Exercise

Student Exercise - Website Planning Worksheet

  • Business Products/Services
  • Individual Qualities/Skills
  • Target Audience/ Secondary Audience
  • Usability
  • Site Features
  • Navigation
  • Marketing
  • Responsive Web Design/Framework

Session I Support Links

Keyboard Shorcuts

General Web Development Links

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Free Web Design IDEs

Free Web Development IDEs

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Cloud-Based Web Development Sites

Online Website Builder Sites

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

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jQuery Forms

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WSDL, SOAP, REST, & ODATA Introduction and Resources