ITI 353 HTML5 - Session VI

Session Outline:

  • Chapter 8 - How to Use Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • Complete Exercise 1 - Chapter 8 - How to Use Responsive Web Design (RWD
  • Course Review
  • Course Evaluation

Student Exercise

Student Exercise - 1

  • Complete Exercise 8-1 on page 315 using Dreamweaver.
  • Synchronize development files with live site.
  • Preview site in web browser.

Session 5 Support Links

ProfBurnett Web for Students Site: ITI 353: Fall 2018 CRN:25257

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General Web Development Links

Wireframe Design Apps

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Free Web Design IDEs

Free Web Development IDEs

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Cloud-Based Web Development Sites

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WSDL, SOAP, REST, & ODATA Introduction and Resources

Chapter Presentation, Zip, and Solution Set Files
Session Chapter Presentation Exercise Zip File Solution Set Zip File
1 Course Introduction Presentation
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Web Development
Chapter 18 - How to Design a Web Site
Chapter 19 - How to Deploy a Web Site on a Web Server
2 Chapter 2 - How to Code, Test and Validate a web page
Chapter 3 - How to Use HTML to Structure a Web Page
Chapter 4 - How to Use CSS to Format the Elements of a Web Page
Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chapter 4
3 Chapter 5 - How to Use the CSS Box Model for Spacing, Borders, and Backgrounds
Chapter 6 - How to Use CSS for Page Layout
Chapter 5

Chapter 6
4 Chapter 7 - How to Work with Links and Lists
Chapter 9 - How to Work with Images
Chapter 7

Chapter 9
5 Chapter 10 - How to work with Tables
Chapter 11 - How to work with forms
Chapter 10

Chapter 11
6 Chapter 8 - How to Use Responsive Web Design (RWD)
Course Review